Fly & Float

This is a new and totally unique experience. Alaska’s first Airboat Bear Viewing Adventure!




Our new 2018 Air Ranger allows for a complete revisioning of how to view coastal brown bears! 

Increased mobility

Intimate group size

Access to bears no other company can provide!



The trip starts with a short sea plane ride from Homer to Chinitna Bay,  weather permitting,  you get a birds eye view of multiple volcanos,  and if you’re lucky,  the whales that call the Cook Inlet home for a brief time. After landing you will transfer to our air boat and take a scenic 10-15 minute ride out to the bears!

 We do the work of finding the bears for you, so there is no required walking involved. This makes it a fantastic option for people with limited mobility for any number of reasons. The boat is able to access areas that we cannot get to on foot. When the bears are fishing or clamming, there is no better vantage point than being on the water with them!

The boat also allows us to cover a large amount of area quickly, which means we can see more bears! Our captain is trained to anticipate the bears movements and position the boat so that you can safely observe these majestic animals up close and personal. 



The boat may reposition a few times during the 3 hours, but will mostly be still, less noise means a better opportunity for a close pass. Just sit back relax and soak in all the amazing scenery and wildlife around you. 














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