Bear Viewing Tours in Katmai National Park

Lake-Clark-National-Park-in-AlaskaWe operate daily bear viewing tours to Katmai National Park. Daily tours depart from our base in Homer, Alaska and we fly about 80 to 120 nautical miles west or southwest to land on one of several beaches that border Katmai/Lake Clark National Parks. We then join the bears in the park on foot.

Operating our bear viewing tours in Homer gives us an advantage. It puts us closer to the best locations and affords some of the best sightseeing opportunities along the way. Our flight takes .75 to 1.5 hours each way and the scenery between Homer and Katmai/Lake Clark coast is breathtaking.  On most days you will see glaciers, volcanoes, waterfalls, whales and of course bears.

Katmai / Lake Clark National Parks are the best places in the world to view grizzly bears.

Katmai has an approximate population of 3,000  grizzly bears (compared to only 300 grizzly bears in Denali National Park).

Bear Viewing in Lake Clark National Park

Bear viewing in Katmai/Lake Clark National Parks is also ideal because large numbers of bears congregate on the coast around food sources such as clams, sedge grass meadows and salmon runs.

The Katmai/Lake Clark National Park coast is home to many other animals and it is common to see bald eagles and foxes in addition to grizzly bears. On lucky days we might see wolves, harbor seals, shore birds and moose. Katmai/Lake Clark National Parks are only accessible by boat or bush plane.

Landing on a beach surrounded by Alaskan wilderness and wild grizzly bears is an experience that leaves most visitors truly awestruck.


Daily Departures From Homer Alaska