The Crew (Family, Friends, and BEAR Lovers All)

The  Bear Viewing Crew 2018-19 Seasons

Bear Adventure Crew in Alaska

This is the crew that makes it ALL happen for your Bear Trip!

Duncan & Michael love to share Alaskan Brown Bears with their guests. Customer experience is our priority.

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Michael Hughes, Owner K Bay Air & Alaska Bear Adventures

Pilot & Bear Viewing Guide, K Bay Air

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I have lived and worked in Alaska for more than 25 years. Most of my experience as a pilot has been “bush” flying- landing on gravel bars, ridge tops, tundra and beaches. My safety record is excellent and I take great care to maintain it. As the owner and operator of my aircraft I pay meticulous detail to maintenance and safety.  I also carry every communication device possible, including a satellite phone and a GPS tracker.  I safely transport hundreds of clients every season between Homer and Katmai/Lake Clark coast to see the bears. I look forward to including you in that experience. I have worked as a professional guide in Alaska during the last 15 years and am licensed with the National Park Service as a bear-viewing guide.  I have 14 years experience guiding around the brown bears in Katmai and Lake Clark National Parks (more than 3000 hours with the bears). I am passionate about the bears and their environment and was mentored by one of the most experienced (16+ years) brown bear viewing guides in Alaska.  I love learning about the bears and sharing that knowledge with my clients. From May to September each season all I do is fly and guide for your Bear Viewing and Photography trips. Join me and I’ll share Alaska her Bears and and her beauty with you..

Duncan Hughes

Captain & Bear Viewing Guide, K Bay Air

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Duncan is a home grown Alaskan and has been around these costal brown bears for more than half of his life. Working in the family business for over 15 years he has seen it all and with the addition of the Fly and Float he is the primary captain of our new B-AIR FORCE ONE (airboat)

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Ron Olsen

Director of Maintenance, K Bay Air

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Ron has over 28 years of experience maintaining aircraft. He is an IA (Inspection Authorization qualified mechanic), a pilot and has owned and operated his own fixed base operation and flight school. When he is not keeping our aircraft in tip top shape or out with the bears you may find him on the water kayaking. He is also an ACA certified kayaking instructor.


Chief Pilot & Bear Viewing Guide, K Bay Air

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Derick is an experienced Alaskan pilot who pays special attention to the safety and well being of his passengers. His outgoing personality and and guiding style makes for a fun trip. He also has 4000+ hours of Naturalist Bear Guide experience with Alaska Bear Adventures.


Pilot & Bear Viewing Guide, K Bay Air

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Joe is a river guide by trade, followed by 15 years flying experience and 700 hours of bear guiding with Alaska Bear Adventures. Born in upstate New York ending up in Alaska via Vermont and Colorado. Joe’s smile will keep you at ease and entertained throughout your bear adventure.


Pilot & Bear Viewing Guide, K Bay Air

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Jaimie has been part of the Kbay family for years and is currently training for the chief pilot position. He has an extraordinary range of knowledge about the Alaskan coastal brown bears.


Pilot & Bear Viewing Guide, K Bay Air

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Tom has been flying and guiding in Alaska for 30+ years. His wealth of knowledge will keep you entertained and informed. His number one priority is safety and making you smile is a close second.


Pilot & Bear Viewing Guide, K Bay Air

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Alec arrived in Alaska from the mountains of Colorado. He’s super passionate about the outdoors and flying. His outgoing personality makes for a safe and fun bear viewing experience.


Pilot & Bear Viewing Guide, K Bay Air

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Ben is originally from Adirondack mountains of upstate New York, Ben has flown skydiving operations in Vermont, Utah, and California. Along with dropping people from airplanes, he has spent several summers in Alaska as a carpenter and outdoor educator. Ben is thrilled to be in Alaska flying with Alaska Bear Adventures.


Customer Service and Scheduling, K Bay Air

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Wendy is absolutely WILD about bears, and can hardly believe that she gets to be here and help others to experience these awesome creatures in their natural environment! She has lived in Alaska for 14 years and is continually in awe of the beauty and wonder surrounding her. She handles the phones and works behind the scenes to help you to have one of the most magical experiences on earth. And she is very good at what she does!

K Bay Pilot Crew

K Bay Pilots & Bear Viewing Guides, K Bay Air

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A fun loving group of passionate pilots and friends.

The Whole Crew

The K Bay Air and Alaska Bear Adventures Crew

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None of this could happen without our amazing crew, from cleaning our planes to making sure you have all your pre trip questions answered and keeping you safe with the bears. The Alaska Bear Adventures family is ever expanding and you can tell its not just a job its our passion!




Our Aircraft – The K Bay Air Fleet

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Cessna 206

You will fly to the Katmai/Lake Clark coast in one of K Bay Airs’ four Cessna 206’s. The workhorse of Alaskan aviation, these aircraft are ideally suited to our type of flying.

They are ultra-reliable, very forgiving and have a superb safety record.

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These particular aircraft have many STOL modifications to allow them to perform in the wilderness environment with the broadest safety margin possible. They are relatively roomy and comfortable for a single engine airplane. There are five passenger seats.

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