Brooks Falls
Sow with Cubs
bear nursing
Brooks Falls
Bear Nap
bear cubs
Alaska Bear Cub in the Iris
Bear cub on driftwood
Bears in the Grass

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Things To Do In Homer Alaska

Homer, Alaska is the most scenic town in Alaska with views of Kachemak Bay, glaciers and never ending mountains. There are many great Homer hotels, cabins, inns and bed and breakfasts to choose from both in Homer and on the Kenai Peninsula. Bear Viewing, halibut fishing and salmon fishing are some of the most popular activities in Homer and on the Kenai peninsula.

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About Alaska Bears

The Alaskan coastal brown bear is an intelligent and impressive animal. Although classified as “loners” the coastal brown bears we visit during our Alaska bear viewing tours in Katmai are quite social, and often congregate in large groups around food sources such as salmon runs and sedge grass meadows. Bears often interact with one another, which makes for entertaining bear watching. Bears communicate with one another using body language, posturing, and vocalizations that can range from roars to huffs to sharp popping sounds. Grizzly bear vs. grizzly bear confrontations are rarely physical, unless the bears are playing for fun. Cubs as well as adult bears often tumble, wrestle, play chase, and hang out with other bears during their free time.

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Prepare For Your Trip

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FAQs and Policies

We answer common question about Alaska Bear Adventures and provide our policies.

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Read what others are saying about our Alaska Bear Adventures. We thrive on providing a once-in-a-lifetime experience viewing Alaska coastal brown bears.

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KBay Air is the supporting airline for Alaska Bear Adventures. KBay Air / Alaska Bear Adventures adheres to a Safety Forward approach to operations. This means that Safety is everyone’s responsibility. From upper management on down and even includes our guests. Pilot and Passenger safety are always the first concern, and we will always do what is the safest approach to guarantee the best outcome. 

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