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Safety First, Last, and Always

KBay Air is the supporting airline for Alaska Bear Adventures. KBay Air / Alaska Bear Adventures adheres to a Safety Forward approach to operations. This means that Safety is everyone’s responsibility. From upper management on down and even includes our guests. Pilot and Passenger safety are always the first concern, and we will always do what is the safest approach to guarantee the best outcome. Extensive scheduled aircraft maintenance and daily inspections ensure that our fleet is ready to perform safely and dependably. Pilots undergo extensive training, perform weight and balance calculations, and review weather observations from multiple sources. All aircraft are equipped with safety gear including life vests, first aid kits, Emergency Locator Transmitters (ELTs) and fire extinguishers . At the end of the day, we want to make certain that we provided the best possible level of service and the best possible level of safety.

Flight Tracking

Our aircraft are equipped with Satellite based flight-tracking devices which are monitored by our flight following department. The devices also allow for satellite communications with our office for times when we operate outside of cellular service.

406 ELTs

All our aircraft are equipped with the new 406 ELTs. This technology is not yet mandatory, but is highly recommended, and we have implemented them in all of our aircraft to ensure the highest level of safety for our customers and crew. What this means is, in the unlikely event of an emergency, help will be on the way much sooner and to our exact location.

Experienced Pilots

Our pilot crew consists of some of the most experienced pilots in Alaska and beyond. They could be flying for major airlines but choose to be here instead. We have a rigorous hiring process that requires a great amount of experience before pilots may be considered for a position at KBay Air. Our pilots are on a fixed schedule, ensuring the proper rest periods to keep them at the peak of their performance. We have annual training courses which all KBay Air pilots must attend, to ensure we have the most up to date safety systems in place, our guest’s safety is our top priority.

Meticulous Maintenance

Our FAA approved maintenance program adheres to all the latest safety regulations, ensuring our aircraft are always running at their best. We take aircraft maintenance very seriously and take every effort to go above and beyond the scheduled programs. We adhere to scheduled maintenance events which are above and beyond FAA and aircraft manufacturer recommendations and requirements. We conduct regular inspections including annual, monthly, daily, and prior to every flight. We want our guests to know that they are flying on the safest aircraft.


Weather conditions in our area can be challenging and rapidly changing. The proposed flight could be subject to high winds, low ceilings, poor visibility, and precipitation. Our experienced staff is constantly monitoring and sharing current as well as forcast weather to provide us with the best decision making process. If it is possible to conduct your proposed flight, we will do so safely. If weather conditions create an undue level of risk, we will delay or reschedule your flight to maximize our level of Safety.

Integrated Office

We are also proud of our ground crew and recognize that they are the first line of defense in the safety program. Every employee at Alaska Bear Adventures and KBay Air is committed to safety and service. We all work together to make sure your trip is safe, successful, and enjoyable. With a well-trained and organized office structure they ensure fuel, weather, weight loads, and other safety of flight factors are screened before the pilots do there required checks. Giving all safety sensitive functions a double check, they keep our aircraft and pilots up to date with the most organized and current information.

Speak Up!

If you see or hear anything that you don’t understand or that causes you any concern, we want to hear about it. You are encouraged to send your questions, comments or concerns to Someone will get back to you.